Understanding the potential for new sites and developing a coherent tailored brief is central to our work at the early stages of a project. Working with other consultant disciplines, we are adept at maximising output on limited information and thoroughly investigating all appropriate considerations that may influence the life of the project.

We are sympathetic to the budgetary constraints that our clients may have in developing concept ideas to establish a project’s viability in order to ensure that only commercially feasible schemes are invested in.

A range of media forms are employed whilst undertaking feasibility studies including sketch layouts, CAD Sketchup models, physical massing models and site context models.


As the process of planning applications becomes more demanding with an ever-expanding range of prerequisite information for every project, we continue to adapt our methods. This ensures the high-quality of our work at this crucial stage of the development proposal.

Early liaison with local authorities at pre-application stage is paramount to the success of planning applications. We are consolidating our reputation by gaining planning approvals for challenging locations by producing buildings of high design quality presented in clear and accurate packages.

We partake fully in all stages of the planning process including architects review panels, public exhibitions and appeals which has led to our success across many high profile sites.


We are recognised for the high standard of information we provide for the construction of our buildings and we regard this as critical in making life easier for contractors and specialists to deliver high-quality completed schemes.

The ability to assimilate information produced by other consultants into a co-ordinated centralised package is a valuable tool to both the contractor and the client that are both driven by cost and quality management. We underpin our industry relationships with proven trust, honesty, performance and an open, constructive attitude to communication.

Quality control of the built product is central to our role during construction and diligent effort is made at all stages to ensure that excellent standards are maintained.

Design & Build

Design and Build contractors welcome our pragmatic and collaborative approach that benefits all stakeholders in projects and, in line with procurement trends, the proportion of our work in this area is increasing.

Clients that wish to maintain design continuity whilst reducing their exposure to risk, often choose to novate us to contractors. This enables us to work up design portion items and review best value with the contractor and their specialist suppliers.

Our reputation to be able to work successfully in this professional relationship with contractors is growing and we now find that we are receiving direct approaches from those that we have been novated to in the past.